American Hometown Heroes
Providing Business Assistance to Military Veterans

The Problem – America’s Veterans & the Unemployment Rate

American Hometown Heroes understands the issues facing American Veterans seeking employment.

Every year, thousands of men and women proudly serve in our military, preserving the freedoms and democracy that makes our country great. Yet, when they return home, they find the current state of our economy does not provide them the support and job opportunities they were hoping for. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate among military veterans is nearly double the national average! And with more troops expected to be returning home in the next few years, the situation may get even worse.

The Statistics – Print or Online Publishing & How They Can Help

Print & online publishing are the leading source for consumers searching for local businesses and can aid in American Veterans starting new businesses.

However, throughout America, independent yellow page publishers are in a unique position to help. Print and online yellow pages continue to be the number one source for consumers when they want to find a local business. More specifically, in the last year alone 84% of people used either print or online yellow pages, rating it as the most trusted and accurate source they choose. As a result, print and online publishers are a great resource for any individual looking to start a new business.

The Solution – Free Marketing Assistance to Returning Veterans

American Hometown Heroes helps American Veterans get free professional advice & marketing assistance.

Thus, the “American Hometown Heroes” initiative was founded. The publishers listed on this site have banded together to offer our returning heroes a “welcome home” opportunity! We are willing to provide our professional advice and marketing assistance to any returning veteran that would like to start a new business in their hometown – all at no charge to them! This program includes a comprehensive advertising program in both print and online for an entire year. Our military veterans have received training in a wide variety of occupations and trades. Now they can put those skills to work for themselves – right in their own hometown.

Whether they start their own business in the retail, professional, or service sector, we will help them get started. What better way to put America back to work than investing in the deserving men and women of our armed forces!